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Back Pain on airplanes

Updated: May 22, 2023

crowded airplanes

If you have ever felt back pain on airplanes when you are traveling, you understand what a grueling situation it is for your spine. Mental and physical pain, probably! I am currently writing this from the seat of the most uncomfortable airplane seat ever built and experiencing pain while traveling first hand from my least favorite airline, United.

Traveling by airplane is painful, back and neck pain in particular. The leg room has shrunk, to compensate for this, they have taken all the cushion out of the seat that would typically absorb shock before it transmits into your spine from the molded plastic seat. If you can sit on your jacket or find a merciful flight attendant that will give you a blanket, that is your best bet for a quick fix.

I have become a big fan of aisle seats on airplanes. Even though I am relatively short, they simply give you more room to stretch out. They also let you get up more frequently to stretch out and walk around without the dirty looks of the poor sleeping person sitting next to you.

Since airports usually involve long walks with luggage trailing behind you, remember to pause before yanking it out of the car and think before you lift as well as switch it from side to side so you don’t end up with one sided back pain that could be prevented. I am a big fan of packing light, it definitely cuts down on the luggage injuries.

If you have recently returned from vacation or business travels and your back is sore or painful and you don’t know what to do, check out our Plymouth chiropractic office. You can book online with us here. We are here to help.

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