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Sitting and Back Pain: How it Affects Your Spine for the Future

Updated: May 10, 2023

Ever wonder why sitting and back pain go hand and hand? As they say, sitting is the new smoking! Sitting and back pain go hand in hand.  Many people who sit down throughout their day, end up with all sorts of other health issues.

woman looking down at lap top

Why does neck pain become worse with sitting? As you lean in towards the computer throughout your day, you start to develop forward head posture which puts more stress and strain on the muscles of your upper back and the muscles between your shoulder blades. The muscles in the front of your neck also have to contract more than their fair share. This can result in frequent tension headaches. To combat this problem, make sure to keep your head back and over your shoulders. Don’t lean in towards whatever you are working on or reading. Here is a good article on work from home stations:

How is sitting impacting your lower back? The muscles of your hips that attach to your lumbar spine are called your hip flexors. When you sit down, they shorten up. With enough prolonged sitting, their permanent state becomes shortened and they pull on your lower back every time you are in a standing position. This causes frequent back pain and discomfort. The solution? Get up every thirty minutes and take a few minutes to stand up while doing your paperwork. Or, even better, ask for a standup desk that can be raised and lowered at your leisure.

Make sure to counteract the effects of sitting on your job with lots of physical activity when you are done with work. Make sure your habits and hobbies don’t keep you more sedentary than you need to be.

Also, it can be difficult to unwind the impact of sitting on your own. When neck pain and lower back pain start to become a frequent part of life, you really should be evaluated by a chiropractor. Chiropractic can help your neck pain and back pain. Call a chiropractor near you for help or schedule with us today.

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