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Selecting the Best Pillow For You

Updated: May 22, 2023

Selecting the best pillow can be a challenge. They are expensive, often not returnable and really can cause pain if the pillow isn't a good fit. In this video, I have tips on selecting the best pillow for you.

The first pillow we look at is a memory foam pillow from the Sleep Number Store, it is a neck pillow geared more towards back sleepers because of the contour. Pillow #2 is a My Pillow purple size. Pillow #3 is one I sell in my office that is custom measured to your neck and shoulders and then made specifically for you from the measurements. This particular version is for both back and side sleepers however, your pillow will be made specifically for how you sleep. Pillow #4 is a body pillow for the side sleepers to find some relief for their lower back and hips. All pillows other than the My Pillow are about $125-$140. Expensive but worth it to find the best pillow for you.

You can read more about pillows here: It is highly possible that if you are frequently waking up with neck pain, the problem may be in your neck. This is something a chiropractor is perfectly capable of helping you with so check our office out.

If the truth might be that it is about your neck, not your pillow, please take a look at my website and see if our office is the right fit for you. All appointments can be scheduled online at

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