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Neck Exercises for Relief of Neck and Upper Back Pain

Updated: May 22, 2023

woman stretching her neck

I recently made this video for a patient. She was having some pinching in her upper back and shoulder blade area. She’s been adjusted twice this week. The adjustments are slowly improving things her pain. Here is another article on neck pain as it relates to computer work. It might help you. While the time for my Hollywood film career is long past, hopefully the exercises in this video will help her and you. You can follow along and do the neck exercises for neck and upper back pain.

Neck pain is really common and is especially a problem in those of you who log a lot of time on the computer. Even if your job isn't staring at a screen, we all spend too much time looking at our phones or tablets. Even my readers and knitters have their spines in an awkward position.

A word of warning....These exercises are designed to support chiropractic care. The exercises will not replace a quality skilled adjustment. If you are my patient, you really should touch base with me on whether these are appropriate for you. If you aren't currently my patient, I am accepting appointments. Feel free to reach out or ask your own doctor if these will work for your condition.

If you have any questions on how to relieve your neck pain, or you are looking for a chiropractor, I would love to have you as a patient. You can learn more about my Plymouth office here. You can reach me at 763-553-0387 or book online.

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