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Neck Pain and Stress

Updated: May 22, 2023

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Have you noticed that your neck tends to hurt more when you are the most stressed out? Many people are this same issue so you aren't alone. Stress can be a big cause of neck pain. When you start clenching your jaw, your neck muscles tighten. When you start hugging your shoulders to your ears or slouching in defeat of the last challenges life threw at you, neck pain is a result.

Here are a couple stress reduction tips that should lessen your neck pain. First, try to start and end your day with 10 deep breaths. If you simply close your eyes and let your body breathe, you will notice your muscles begin to relax. Focus on your throat, your jaw, your neck and stomach. Focus any place you feel tension and let your breath release that tension. Sound hokey to you? Try it and see just how effective it is and how much better you feel.

Have you ever looked at a friend's posture and guessed their mood with a glance? When your shoulders are curled forward and your mind and body are wracked with tension, your mood isn't difficult to guess to those who love you. It works in the reverse too. Changing your posture can help your stress as well. Stand up in a confident stance with your shoulders back and down and see if you feel less defeated. Being conscious of your posture is going to help stress from accumulating in your body and change your perspective as well. This article might also be helpful.

What we can be sure of with accumulates in your body and causes problems later on. Before little problems become overwhelmingly large, it is better to be proactive and see a chiropractor. Chiropractors will undo the neck pain and stiffness that your stress is actively causing. Chiropractic care will help prevent small problems from becoming bigger and more involved.

If you are wanting help with this, as your neighborhood chiropractor, I am happy to help. Check out our website at You can also book online at our Plymouth chiropractic office today for help feeling better fast.

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