• Lori Goodsell

Kinesiotaping for Runners Knee

Updated: Sep 28

Here is a little video I made to show kinesiotaping for one of my patients who has runner’s knee. This link will direct you to tips that can help your knee cap alignment https://www.activefamilychiropractic.com/post/it-band-pain-while-running It’s a great tape job for those of us with sloppy slightly arthritic knees without major ligament damage. As with any kinesiotape job, the taping is only as good as the person putting the tape on and you need a correct diagnosis to find the right tape job.

Primarily I am making this video for a specific patient but thought I would share so that I can send people back to this link.

If you click here, you can follow along with your own roll of tape.

Many times you'll need more than tape. I'm happy to help with this problem and you can book your first visit online https://www.activefamilychiropractic.com/booking-calendar You can learn more about my website at https://www.activefamilychiropractic.com

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