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IT Band Syndrome and Chiropractic Treatment

Updated: May 19, 2023

examination of knee

Many athletes come to me for chiropractic treatment for IT band syndrome. Often their pain starts on the outside of their knee but they know their back and hip mechanics aren’t good either.

First of all, what is your IT band? It’s the band of connective tissue that starts on your Ilium (the side ridge of your pelvis) and runs down the side of your leg and then attaches into the weight bearing bone of your lower leg (your tibia) near your knee.

IT band syndrome is very common in runners and cyclists. If their core stability isn’t strong to hold their pelvis in neutral as they run, they start shifting their hips to one side with every stroke.

When someone comes to my office for chiropractic treatment of IT band syndrome, I start by assessing their low back mechanics. I also check the mobility of their hips (the actual femoral heads) and then I use my especially sharp and pointy fingers to locate big pieces of scar tissue in the IT band and surrounding muscles.

Is it fun? No. Is it effective? Yes. Does it help? Absolutely.

If you are having problems with your IT band, book online to find out what your treatment options are. You can learn more about our office by visiting our website.

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