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Improving Inflamed and Painful Joints

Updated: May 22, 2023

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Inflamed and painful joints can be caused by physical, mental and chemical stressors. When you are attempting to improve inflammation and painful joints, you have to consider all of three of these stressors. Chiropractic can be very helpful in reducing inflammation and making your joints much less painful.

To determine what caused your inflammation and painful joints in the first place, you need to ask your self a few questions. With physical stressors, have you been lifting more than normal? Perhaps bending and squatting more than usual in your garden? Sitting too much and not exercising enough? As far as mental stressors go, do you have more stressful deadlines happening at work than normal, frequent fights with your spouse or kids causing tension and anxiety? And for chemical stressors, are you eating too much sugar lately, were you recently vaccinated? Any of these can cause inflammation and joint pain.

You can modify your activities, stressors or chemicals, however once joints are inflamed and painful for an extended period of time, seek help. Chiropractors can really make a different in improving inflammation and helping your painful joints feel better again. Chiropractic works by restoring normal alignment and joint function which then stimulates receptors in your nervous system to reduce your pain and improve your inflammatory state. You can also think about how stress is impacting your life and read more here

If you are having a tough time getting better, reach out for an appointment. You can book one online at You can also learn more about our office at

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