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Keeping Stress from Impacting your Health

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

As we enter the later part of fall, many people are feeling stressed and lonely. This year has taken a tremendous toll on most people's mental health. As a chiropractor, it is easy to relate the increase in discomfort, tight muscles and pain back to the incredible amount of stress and lack of control of our own lives we have had to process this year. What overwhelms you mentally will also become a physical problem to overcome.

Here are several strategies to keep stress from impacting your health:

1) Find time to exercise every single day.

Exercise releases endorphins, takes your mind off your problems and burns stress out of your body. This along with simply improving your cardiac capacity and strength are critical to both your physical and mental health.

2) Spend Time Outside

Being in nature and getting fresh air are critical to a healthy functioning mind and will help with stress, anxiety and fatigue. Finding a quiet piece of woods or open space to visit without the constant stimulation of people, cars and noise will lower your blood pressure, relax you and help you de-stress.

3) Start a gratitude journal

Your focus will definitely determine your outlook. If you write down three things every day that you are grateful for, within a week you will be in a better place. When life is stressful, it is easy to focus on the problems you are trying to solve or rid yourself of versus the good in life. There is always good in life.

4) See a therapist and get help

There has never been a time where this profession has been needed more. With online psychotherapy and counseling services becoming the norm with Covid, it has never been more accessible and easy to schedule. Getting help to improve your mental health is a sign of strength, not weakness.

Keep stress from impacting your health by controlling what you can and take positive steps to improve your mental health. Following any of these tips will help you feel less anxiety, less stress and more relaxed and happy. Here is another article with tips on keeping stress from impacting your health

If you've noticed an increase in tight muscles and stiffness that stress is starting to cause, don't be afraid to reach out for help. You can learn more about my Plymouth chiropractic office at or book online at

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