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Golf and Back Pain

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

This article is going to cover tips for healthy backs for golfers. As the leaves change color and the fall air turns crisp, we all know what’s coming around the corner. If you are truly committed to improving your golf game, it’s important to think now about improving on this season’s progress throughout the winter.

Coming in to fall, there are three things I would recommend as a chiropractor to consider this time of the year to avoid linking up your golf and back pain.

#1—What am I going to do in the off season when I can’t golf to maintain or improve my level of physical fitness?

female golfer carrying a bag of clubs

Perhaps you need to focus on losing 20lbs, improving your core strength or becoming more flexible. Think about the physical element that is holding you back the most and take action! Now is a great time to get registered for classes, fire up that gym membership you put on hold during the summer or hire a personal trainer. Everyone knows that if you are in good shape, your athletic performance will improve and you will be less apt to be injured while playing. Speaking of injuries…

#2—If your lower back or shoulders are begging for a break in play, this is your body’s way of telling you that you have a problem that needs to be addressed. Be proactive and deal with it before your body forces the issue. Don’t just wait to see if the issues improve on their own and above all else don’t relegate yourself to spending a beautiful fall and winter sitting on the couch unable to find physical activity that feels good.

Pain is a warning sign that often doesn’t appear until your injury is stressed enough through healthy physical activity. Seeing a chiropractor who is well versed in athletic injuries as well as the specific needs of golfers is a great first step in pinpointing your needs and the proper treatment.

#3 Now is the time to think about improving your golf game during the winter. Golf lessons are a great way to work through any bad habits you may have developed throughout the season. These bad habits can add to your score and make you more susceptible to injuries-even for the most seasoned golfer. Many golf courses or lesson facilities offer lessons year round.

Plymouth, Chiropractor- Dr. Lori Goodsell has taken several post graduate courses in golf injuries and golf biomechanics and has spent many hours analyzing golf swings with the best golf pros in Minnesota. Dr. Lori Goodsell is one of the leading industry experts in returning you to your golf game quickly and safely. To reach Dr. Goodsell, call Active Family Chiropractic at 763-553-0387 schedule online at: or check out the website

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