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Avoiding Back Pain from Shoveling Snow

I thought an article on avoiding back pain from shoveling snow would be appropriate this December. Looking out my window, I am seeing an above average amount of white for this time of year. There are a couple tips I have that will help you if you continue to ignore my advice on plow services being less expensive than chiropractors.

#1 Machine beats man every time when it comes to avoiding back pain from shoveling snow. Unless you are one of my fitness fanatics (Tony are you reading this?) don’t lift thousands of pounds of snow. If you refuse to hire a plow service, at least get a snow blower. If you don’t want to spend the money, go on Craigslist.org. There are plenty of former home owners that have gotten sick of waking up at 5am after a snow storm and have relocated to condos where they don’t need these anymore. They will be happy to get it out of their garage at a discount.

#2- For the people that have to shovel. This includes me at the new office. Shoveling kills my shoulder, even light snows. Using a battery operated leaf blower for the light snows is much easier. My landlord taught me that one and it works great. (unless he brings the battery home with him!) Also, again, if you have to shovel something heavier, make sure you get a shovel with a bend in it and take small scoops.

#3 I can help your back more when problems are small. A little preventative maintenance in the form of an adjustment immediately before and following a big snow is a lot better than waiting until your back is in full spasm and me having to tug your spasm-ing body up my stairs.

#4 On top of all of these tips, you will injure your back less when your core muscles are strong and your spinal muscles are strong.  If you are not at your healthy weight and fitness level, time to get there.  Whether you are a gym person or an outdoor lover, there are plenty of options so that you don’t really have a legitimate excuse.

Feel free to share this article with your friends and family. People often ask me if I am really busy when people hurt themselves shoveling during the winter. My reply is no, they usually wait until the problem get really bad until the spring. That is my busiest season and unfortunately for them the problem is much more set in then requiring a lot more adjustments and money to fix.

I can always be reached at 763-553-0387 to answer any questions you have or check out my website www.activefamilychiropractic.com

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