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Lower Back Pain and Chiropractic

Updated: Feb 7

chiropractor adjusting patient

Want to know if lower back pain and chiropractic are a good mix?  Take it from a chiropractic patient (myself), I’ve used chiropractic for years to combat my back and neck pain.  My chiropractor is one of my “can’t live without” people in my life.  After years of sports, slips and falls, and a job that involves acting like a human jackhammer, my adjustments are life savers.

Chiropractic is a time tested solution to lower back pain. Whether your problem is coming from strained muscles, a bulging disc or irritated nerves, chiropractic can help. Chiropractic is a safe, non-drug, non-surgical approach and when combined with simple stretches and an exercise program it often provides you lasting, great results.

As my Plymouth chiropractic office works with you to resolve your back pain, don’t be surprised when we prod you to increase your activity level and begin exercising.  Dropping the twenty pounds that you have been trying to lose for the last five years is a crucial step.  Increasing your exercise levels and ridding yourself of the couch potato lifestyle is also incredibly important.  To keep your back healthy, you need a nice mix of strength, cardio and flexibility in your workouts. We have simple suggestions for each and would be happy to give you inexpensive yet high impact solutions you can use at home, at the gym or on the road.

If you are looking for a chiropractor in Plymouth, our chiropractic office has cared for thousands of patients over the years with problems just like yours. Please call us today or book online we can help you determine if this is the right course of action for you. If you've really done a number on yourself, here are some tips you can use before your appointment to start the healing.

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