• Lori Goodsell

Tips for Safe Shoveling During a Minnesota Winter

While there are lots of ways to enjoy winter, shoveling is not on my top ten list. Personally, the best safe shoveling advice I give my patients is to hire a plow service or greedy neighbor kid. You pay me more than you pay them if you injure yourself. While I definitely appreciate the business, I’d rather see you healthy.

If you insist on taking care of your driveway yourself, please follow these simple tips.

1) Push the snow, don’t lift it. This works great if it is light and fluffy. 2) If you have to lift it, lift with your knees and keep your core muscles tight and contracted. 3) Switch sides regularly so you aren’t always tiring out the same shoulder. 4) Not all shovels are created equal. I like the shovel with the bend in it. It makes is easier ergonomically. 5) Shovel frequently so you don’t have to lift big amounts at once. 6) Put the kids to work. Really, those hockey and dance payments need to be re-cooped some way!

If you don’t listen to my advice, I will be seeing you soon. If you do feel injured or pain that doesn’t go away after 24 hours, just remember that prompt treatment helps injuries heal quicker. The patients who wait heal slower. Now, get out there and go skiing, snow shoeing or dog walking, just NO shoveling.

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