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Winter Falls on the Snow and Ice

Updated: Feb 7

Winter is the season for injuries due to a falls on snow and ice.  With the first snow of the winter causing icy sidewalks and greasy roads, falls and car accidents are all the rage.  I have already seen one patient who fell today and I will for certain be seeing an uptick in weather related injuries, especially after last week’s snow.

What should you do if you slip and fall on the ice? First, make sure nothing is broken.  If you are unsure, go to the nearest urgent care for an x-ray.  

person shoveling snow off roof

If you are simply bruised and banged up, our Plymouth chiropractic office should be your second call.  As a chiropractor, we can determine if your injury is simply a deep bruise, an injured joint or something more serious.

Now that you have some time to wait for your appointment, remember to put the ice packs on your sore spots. Please do NOT use heat.  The ice will help you feel better, will relax the spasmed muscles and will help to draw the inflammation out and make it easier for your chiropractor to examine you.  It will also help me give you a more accurate diagnosis. Here is an article that will help learn what to do with your injury.

When you see a new chiropractor for the first time, make sure they take the time to listen and understand what is wrong with you.  A good chiropractor should do a thorough exam before treating you.  It’s important that before a chiropractor adjusts you that they spend time understanding your history along with that exam to determine whether you have a chiropractic problem or something requiring medical attention instead.

We are always open to discussing problems over the phone and determining the next steps.  Call our office today and speak with our Plymouth chiropractor if you have had a slip or fall on the ice this winter. You can schedule in my Plymouth chiropractic office at I will be happy to help you feel better.

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