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Exercise and Back Pain

Updated: May 10, 2023

back and neck pain
back and neck pain

Exercise and back pain: after new years resolutions start, pain isn’t far behind.  Far be it for any chiropractor to discourage new business however, I’d rather see you when you are feeling good than when you are buckled over and dragging a leg behind you. Injuring yourself having fun is not fun!

In the 23 years that I have been a chiropractor, I have seen everything. I have had patients crawl out of the back of a Suburban like a big St Bernard after being driven to my clinic by their wives. People have called me from their toilet after sitting down and not being able to get up. You name it, I’ve seen it.

I’m going to give you tips to not hurt yourself having fun exercising.

#1–Runners-You are probably expecting me to tell you to not run, it is bad for your joints. I love to run. Run your little hearts out. Just remember that rest days and cross training are essential for athletes of all sports. If you are going to train 15 mile weeks, concentrate on three separate five mile runs, not five three-mile runs.

#2–Cross Train-Whatever you do the most of, your body will mold in that position. That is why we see so many bikers with neck pain, desk jockeys with pain between their shoulder blades and yoga junkies with bad knees and shoulders because their bodies get too flexible. Without each element of fitness: cardio, strength and flexibility, your program is not complete.

#3–Include low/no impact activities to keep yourself strong and injury free. Yoga, pilates, paddle boarding…all wonderful things to mix into your cardio and strength training. They are also the most frequently missed aspects of a workout program. All incorporate a lot of stretching and strength of the little stabilizer muscles in your core. You would be surprised how much better your back feels after paddleboarding or pilates.

#4–Don’t forget the weights. I was playing tennis last summer at the Bell Courts. There was a great group of 70 year old ladies playing next to my friend and I. The ladies that were in great shape and still able to play tennis, were the ladies with the muscles. Strength training helps with posture, osteoporosis, your clothing fitting better, looking great on the boat this summer and simply feeling strong and confident.

If you have managed to wreck yourself already this year, I love seeing new patients. You can call my Plymouth office at 763-553-0387 and speak with me personally. We can figure out what you need to get back to having fun.

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