• Lori Goodsell

Slips and Falls on the Ice and Back Pain: Tricks for Eliminating

It’s an unwelcome  Minnesota tradition; falls on the ice and back pain.  You take the dog on a walk,  hop out of the car, walk out on your deck and bam!  Months and months of back and neck pain.

Obviously the key is prevention but if you aren’t quick enough to grab the shovel or salt, here are my tips.  Immediately ice the painful region.  As long as you aren’t seriously injured (by seriously, I mean broken bones) make sure you don’t spend the rest of the day stiffening up on the couch or your office chair.  That just makes it worse.  Walking and stretching are just what the doctor ordered after a fall.

Sadly, most people don’t see me immediately after a fall.  It certainly would decrease the length of their pain and suffering if they did.  If you’ve had a fall, please don’t wait to see if the pain goes away.  Scar tissue forms after 14 days of mobility loss.  I highly recommend tracking down your favorite chiropractor (hopefully me!) and getting in for some chiropractic care to help your spine function better and heal.

One of my favorite fall prevention systems since I have gotten a little older and less limber myself are yaktrax.  I strap them to the bottom of my boots when I take the dogs on a walk and so far have managed to stay upright on the icy days.

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