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Basic Lower Back Stretches

Updated: 18 hours ago

This video is for patients of my chiropractic office that I have sent to this webpage. If you are doing this without my ok, you are doing it at your own risk. These are good stretches for general lower back pain. I tend to do these exact three each time I get off my bike or finish my workouts. I highly recommend stretching post activity when your muscles have had time to warm up. Also, you should hold stretches for 30-60 seconds when stretching statically. If you are one of my patients, ask me if this would be appropriate for you. If you are not one of your patients, talk to your own chiropractor or physical therapist to understand which stretches are safe for you.

If you are having lower back pain, we'd love to help you. You can learn more about our chiropractic office here or book an appointment online.

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