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Spinal Health and Back Pain this Spring

With spring about to hit and everyone thrilled to get outside, there are tips to improve your spinal health and back pain. My Plymouth chiropractic office is typically overwhelmed with new patients who have aggravated old injuries by doing too much, too soon.

What is the problem? Unfortunately rather than embracing winter and enjoying the fun things that the snow and cold have to offer, many Minnesotan’s hibernate. This inactivity leads to weakening, deteriorating muscles and less fitness.

Before you hop on your bike for a ride out to St. Boni or grab a shovel to play gardener, here are a few things to remember. Most of our bodies haven’t done this in awhile.

1) Start slow. Springtime tends to increase our ambition and we overestimate our fitness levels when it comes to the activities that we love. The first time you grab your bike, rake or running shoes, do half of what you were doing when last year’s activities wound down. If at the end of last year, you were easily biking twenty miles, start with ten. 2) Stretch after your activity. Once you are warmed up, make sure to stretch. I have many stretches on my website that will help with all things spine related. I also provide stretching consultations in my chiropractic office to help with specific injuries or problems. 3) Take this opportunity to pick up a new hobby or embrace new fitness goals. Would you enjoy learning to play tennis or to improve your golf game? There are many qualified teachers willing to help you pick up these skills at any age. In my work as a chiropractor with corporate wellness, when we discuss exercise, the focus is always on doing an activity that you love with so you will be consistent. 4) Get outside. I am a big proponent of getting outside in any temperature or weather condition. Fresh air improves your mood, encourages activity, keeps you healthy and just generally makes your life better.

If you noticed that your spine is stiffer than it used to be or you have developed a new injury that is keeping you from the activities that you love, call me at my chiropractic office. If I can help you I will and if I can’t, I’ll figure out who can. Dr. Lori Goodsell is available for free phone questions at 763-553-0387. You can book online at:

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