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Back Injuries from Ice and Snow

Updated: May 22, 2023

Snow sports are fun, avoiding back injuries from ice and snow are the key to winter fun. Snow shoveling, slips and falls on the ice and the inevitable tumbles that come from living in a cold weather climate can hurt. Proper technique, good equipment and knowing what to do when you do get hurt can make all the difference. Reading further now will help you keep little back injuries from ice and snow from becoming big problems later.

Good Equipment

First, back injuries from ice and the falls that come with it are a big reason patients call me in the spring. Why the spring? They avoid the problem thinking it will go away and it just gets worse over time. My favorite winter product to keep me upright on the ice are yaktraxs. They can be purchased from my favorite store online or in person, Gear West in Long Lake.

Proper Technique and Tools

Secondly, snow shoveling is the bane of our winter existence here. I highly recommend avoiding it whenever possible and remember a plow service costs less than a chiropractor. If you are looking to avoid back injuries from ice and snow, that is a great way to start. Most people have pieces of their property that they can’t avoid shoveling. For me, it’s the stairs. To avoid back injuries from snow removal, start with a good shovel.


This is a pusher shovel. If you want to avoid back injuries from ice and snow, start here. It’s great for long flat runs.

If you have stairs to shovel, I recommend a shovel below with a bend in it. That will help make the lifting and twisting motion of shoveling easier on your body.

shovel with bent handle

Following your snow shoveling, stretch. This is a video I made on the stretches to do after you shovel. Those stretches will quiet your muscles and make you feel better.

When Back Injuries Occur

Now, even with the best of equipment, back injuries still occur. What should you do when that happens? Remember that back injuries from ice and snow are easier to treat when they are fresh and new. If your injury sits in your body for a length of time, it becomes more involved and complicated. When you are injured and bruised, it isn’t very motivating to call a chiropractor. However, that is when your long term healing potential is best. A skilled chiropractor will know how to get around your bruises.

Call us today at 763.553.0387 for help with your back injuries from ice and snow.

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