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Healthy Detox Diets

Updated: May 10, 2023

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Are you looking for a healthy detox diet? As a chiropractor, I am frequently asked about fad diets, my dietary preferences and supplements. This field is changing constantly and I feel that to be an expert in nutrition, it has to be a full time job.

For the last ten years, I have done a detox plan at least once a year. It seems that sometimes no matter how hard I try, once off track with my diet, I can’t get back on. I end up feeling bloated, gaining a couple pounds and have irresistible cravings. Salt, sugar, fat, salt…sugar…fat…repeat. You get the idea! This is when I know that I need to do a detox diet.

Typically, I start off by eliminating either sugar or alcohol since my sugar cravings are the worst. I then slowly eliminate all bread, white rice, pasta, all products made from white flour and simple carbs of any kind. After about a week of this, I do a couple days of kale soup or cabbage soup and then typically eat with a lot more intention for awhile until my diet all goes to hell again.

I feel great when I get towards the end of a detox. Though I have given many workshops on nutrition, I am not maniacal about it when it comes to nutrition. I love a pint of Ben and Jerry's as a evening splurge and every now and then have to have great bread. I highly recommend a January diet clean up. You'll feel great, reset your taste buds and be back to your pre-holidays weight soon!

If you are looking for healthy organic meats, this is a farmer that I use and recommend:

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