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Causes of Headaches and Ways to Help

There are multiple causes of headaches just like there are multiple ways to help them.

woman with a headache lying near a laptop

The most common cause of headaches is neck tension. It is very often that people think a headache is a problem in the head because the pain is felt there. There are many areas of the neck and thoracic spine when irritated will cause pain to refer to the head. Often times when a chiropractor identifies the problem area and provides pressure, the symptoms are recreated in the head. Only when the bones of the spine return to their normal patterns of function and the muscles attached to them release, do the headaches go away. Here is a helpful article on neck pain and stress:

Ask yourself, has your posture been terrible lately? If your spine isn't moving or aligned how it should be, you won't be able to sit or stand up straight. In fact, the more effort you put in to it, the more it might hurt. Properly identifying which bones aren't moving and then applying a chiropractic adjustment to improve that motion will allow you to stand taller and sit straighter with less effort. This will take the tension out of your muscles causing headaches.

Another common reason people suffer from tension headaches is too much device use. Check your ergonomics. Are you looking down all of the time? This is going to cause many problems. Put it down as much as you can and go see your chiropractor to rectify whatever damage you've done.

There are other types of headaches. Cluster headaches are some of the most painful and most resistant to treatment. They are often related to caffeine usage, hormones, etc. The trigger must be found to rid yourself of them. They often start severely and come hard in clusters until the trigger is eliminated from your diet or life.

Migraines can also cause a lot of suffering however they often do respond to chiropractic adjustments as well. Sometimes the neck can be the culprit however, your jaw can also cause a lot of head pain that mimics migraines. A qualified chiropractor with a lot of experience treating jaw pain can help identify the root cause. I have special experience with this as I have a TMJ joint that was damaged in a car accident many years ago. It caused horrible migraines for a long time.

I highly recommend seeking out a chiropractor for headache treatment. Most headaches will respond to chiropractic care. Please visit my website I am happy to help. You can also jump right in and book an appointment

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