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When your back goes out and you can’t stand up

Updated: May 22, 2023

man lying on pavement motionless

The most frequent way our website is found is the google search, “When your back goes out and you can’t stand up”. Here are some very useful tips: While we would prefer to see you when the first warning signs of this problem appear, if you are currently lying on your floor unable to move, let this short video help.

The take home message, alternate ice and walking, then call us so we can correct the problems that led up to this. Make sure you don't use heat or you will make this problem much worse. Ice packs only. On top of that, the more you sit the more you will stiffen up. Even if you can only walk to the mailbox, do it and do it frequently. Once you can make it into the office and confidently get on AND off the table, now it is time to take chiropractic care seriously.

Ignoring the problem once you are out of the woods only leads to more episodes later on. If you have found yourself in the position where your back goes out and you can’t stand up, listen to your body and call for chiropractic help now.

You can book online at You can also learn more about my office at

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