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Tips for Combating the Winter Blues

Updated: May 10, 2023

beautiful mountain winter landscape

Without exceptions December is always the month I feel I am combating the winter blues.  As those of us in Minnesota know, we’ve been lucky this winter. That doesn’t mean that the lack of light, brown all-around and weather that is just warm enough to tempt but not enough to sit outside doesn’t start to have an impact.

Here are some tips I’ve found for combating the winter blah’s.

First of all, cold or not, getting outside makes all the difference. Having a chance to breathe fresh air that hasn’t been recirculated through your office or house makes a big difference. Whether it is to take your dog for a walk, go on a Sunday afternoon hike, or visit a local ski area (which are perfectly groomed this year) being outside will automatically make you feel better. Read here for winter fitness tips:

Secondly, make sure your nutrition is up to par. This means drastic reductions in the amount of sugar you put in your body because as we know, sugar makes us moody. I don’t think I need to site any research sources here, anyone with a five year old has seen this in action. Cut back on the caffeine if you have a tendency to get anxious, it will only make you more jittery.

Third, exercise consistently. Research shows that the best way to up serotonin (the happy hormone) levels is not with a pill, it is with daily exercise. Find something you enjoy and get active again. Your body is made to move.

Fourth, make sure your Vitamin D intake is sufficient. You need Vitamin D for your body to absorb calcium so that you have strong healthy bones. Your body makes it from sunlight and if like today, you aren’t getting any, you’re missing out. Check with your doctor on the appropriate dose and source. Read here to learn more about Vitamin D.

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