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Getting back into working out

Updated: Sep 28


My patients often ask how to go about getting back into working out after long breaks in exercise. The simple answer is often the best answer. “Just do it!” The most difficult part is simply showing up to the gym. Start by planning a simple half hour into your daily schedule for physical fitness. If all that means is using that time to go on a walk, by all means, please walk. Do not violate that time.

If you are truly committed to getting back into working out and have the time and motivation to do it, pick an activity you truly love that you are capable of doing without hurting yourself. If you are a beginner and you check out the gym class schedule and can pick between a class called “Insanity” or one called “strength training level 1”, be realistic of your abilities and pick the beginner class. The last thing you need when you are getting back into working out is to hurt yourself or become so sore you don’t want to go back for a week.

The key to working out is consistency. If you can consistently carve time in your schedule to do physical fitness activities that work for you, you will be capable of so much more as you age. It’s sad to see people lose their ability to get around with strength and confidence. When I travel to national parks and the other visitors never see anything that can’t be seen from their car, it is sad. There is a whole great big world out there that is only accessible by foot or bike. Seeing those things have been magical moments of my life. If you aren’t able to walk, bike, hike, your world can get very limited.

As we age, you have to fight to keep your fitness. As the old saying goes, “if you don’t use it, you lose it” Of course this is true. You truly can’t stop moving because once you stop, it’s difficult to start back up and sometimes you aren’t even capable of it.

When you are just getting back into working out, expect your body to be sore. This is a critical time to partner with a chiropractor so that you can manage small injuries before they turn into big injuries. At Active Family Chiropractic, we always want to help. If you have questions on your own fitness plan and want to know what is right for you, call me. If I can’t help you, I will find someone who can.

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