Dr. Lori Goodsell | Plymouth Chiropractic Clinic

Plymouth Chiropractic ClinicActive Family Chiropractic became known as one of the best chiropractic offices in Plymouth, Minnesota for athletes and kids when founded in 2000. Dr. Lori Goodsell, founder and chiropractor, specializes in helping athletes of all ages and levels maximize their performance and utilize their full potential while remaining injury free.

In the field of sports chiropractic, Dr. Goodsell has worked with athletes of all abilities from the young gymnast to the world class triathlete. Her stretching and injury prevention workshops have been utilized throughout Minnesota by many golf courses, run clubs and athletic training organizations. For several years, she was the chiropractic consultant for the Plymouth Life Time Fitness personal training department. She has spoken for many athletic training organizations including Minnesota Distance Runners Association, Minnesota Tri Club, GolfTec, Gear West, Team Ortho, Minnetonka Tennis Club, Runners with Heart, Rush Creek Golf Course, Begin Oaks Golf Course, Wayzata Schools and many others.

Over the years, she has provided Plymouth with programs such as Backpack Safety America for kids and Chiropractic Mothers Morning Out - an educational program for mothers interested in pediatric chiropractic and natural health care. She is a two time peer reviewed author on the subjects of infertility and special needs children. She has also provided corporate wellness services to multiple Fortune 500 companies including General Mills, Carlson Companies and Digital River.

Dr. Lori GoodsellDr. Lori personally understands the needs of the athlete and is uniquely qualified to help you reach your next level of health. An athlete herself, she has trained and competed in several triathlons, is an avid tennis player and sailor and paddleboarder, former yoga instructor, former competitive soccer player, ski patroller, runner, cyclist and lifelong gym rat. She lives close to the community that she works with her two dogs whose favorite hobbies include barking and napping. She has spent several years volunteering as coach for Orono schools and a tutor for Minneapolis schools mentoring teenagers.

Dr. Goodsell has earned multiple national awards including the Mertz Excellence in Chiropractic Award and The Family Practice Excellence Award.