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Kinesiotape for Sports Injuries

Updated: May 19, 2023

male and female sand volleyball players going up for a ball

Looking for the most cutting edge solution? Try kinesiotape for sports injuries. If you have ever wondered what all the funny colored tape on the back of athletes is for, now is the time to find out. It is a method of taping that started in Japan. The tape is specially formulated to stretch with your muscles and act as extra layers of muscle to protect those that are injured.  It also works to lift the skin off of the injured area and let more circulation happen to the injured muscle underneath.

You can use kinesiotape for many injuries including wrist and ankle sprains as well as helping to support the neck after whiplash. In my chiropractic office we use it regularly when someone gets a little banged up. I religiously use it myself.

I wrapped my wrist after falling off a surf board over my Christmas vacation. Before I taped it, just putting weight on my hand was painful. (Pretty inconvenient when you are a chiropractor.)  My wrist pain was immediately relieved and my injury healed quickly. I was able to work with minimal pain.  Talk about a god-send.

I have a lot of experience with kinesiotape because my patients are all so athletic. I am also RockTape certified which is a certification from one of the companies that makes the tape.  I was also the demonstration model as a chiropractic student 15 years ago when this tape first came out and they made instructional videos for doctors. I walked around my first term of school looking like a mummy! If you have questions about how it can help you, please call me or book online at:

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