• Lori Goodsell

Chiropractic and Babies: One Plymouth Chiropractors Viewpoint

You are probably curious of what conditions bring babies in to chiropractic offices. I have seen babies for colic, ear infections, diarrhea, constipation and many other issues. Does chiropractic cure any of those conditions? No. What chiropractic does is remove pressure on the nervous system. That pressure is caused by bones that don’t move properly which causes the nerves to not work the way they should. Helping the bones have more freedom of movement will allow the nervous system to function better and what ever is attached to it will work better too.

What are signs that your baby should be adjusted? If you notice that your baby tends to tip his head to the same side all the time, it is a good indicator there is a problem in the neck. Also-if your baby seems more comfortable breast feeding on one side versus the other it tells us that the range of motion in the neck is restricted on one side. If you notice your baby arching her back a lot or throwing her head back or to one side it is a sign that she is trying to make herself more comfortable.

Chiropractic adjustments with babies are very gentle and resemble a directed massage more than the traditional adjustment an adult would have. Some babies do cry but most enjoy being worked on after they become comfortable.

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