Sports Chiropractic

In our Plymouth office, we sports chiropractic care for athletes of all ages; from the little mites with worried moms to professional baseball players sliding in to home too many times. Dr. Goodsell has had the pleasure of helping many athletes overcome their sports injuries during her thirteen year career in Plymouth. Our biggest goal is keeping your body capable of doing the activities you love. We want you to enjoy running, hockey, golf and tennis for as many years as possible.

"My favorite people to work with are the forty year old runners training for their first marathon. Seeing my athletes accomplish their goals trumps any other reward."
Dr. Lori Goodsell, chiropractor


Chiropractic is instrumental in competing at an elite level. From the golfer at Begin Oaks here in Plymouth to Tiger Woods, chiropractic helps your spine be more flexible and healthy. Incidentally, Dr. Lori Goodsell works closely with golf professionals and clients as well as many other golf courses.

Endurance Athletes

Dr. Goodsell has also worked with a large number of runners, triathletes and ironmen over the years. Runners consult with her for plantar fascitis, runner's knee or IT band problems as well as spinal complaints. We have had a lot of success in helping athletes overcome these injuries. We have a great relationship with local running organizations including the Minnesota Distance Runners Association and Gear West. Dr. Goodsell also spent two years as the injury prevention expert for Team Ortho.


If you are an avid cross country skier, you already know that the posture that generates success on the racecourse is not the posture you want to keep throughout your day.  We will help you counter the negative effects of your sport on your body. Dr. Goodsell participates in Gear West's cross country ski program every year teaching stretching tips to all levels of skiers. 


The constant quick stops and twists required to succeed in tennis can take their toll on your body. Many tennis players have spinal complaints, issues with their forearms-including the infamous tennis elbow. These are conditions we have seen many times before and successfully treated.