Pediatric and Family Health

Keep your Kids Healthy with Chiropractic

Family chiropractor plymouthWe recognize that bringing your child to a chiropractor requires a high level of trust in the chiropractor's pediatric competence and trustworthiness. Established in 2000, Active Family Chiropractic has been adjusting babies and pregnant women before having a chiropractor for your kids was the cool new thing to do in wellness and family health.

Dr. Lori Goodsell has taken extensive post graduate study in autism spectrum disorder, ADHD/ADD and pediatric chiropractic. She is certified in a technique specific for pregnant women called Webster's technique which optimizes pelvis alignment and pelvic movement for pregnancy and childbirth. She is an expert in adjusting people of all sizes including the wee ones. We love talking to parents about their babies, toddlers, children and teenagers health and helping you learn how to protect your child's spine.

Our family friendly office is conveniently located off of 494 and Highway 55, which is ideal for those living in Plymouth, Maple Grove, Minnetonka or Wayzata.


Common conditions for which parents bring their babies to chiropractors

  • Reflux
  • Colic
  • Neck problems resulting from traumatic birth
  • Poor digestion
  • Unexplained crying

How do you tell if your baby needs an adjustment? Do you suspect your baby of having problems digesting food or have you dealt with hours of unexplained crying or crankiness? There is a very good chance your baby is in pain. Even if your birth experience went according to plan and seemed unremarkable, your baby could have spinal injuries making him or her uncomfortable. In our exam, we look for swollen muscles, spinal bones that don't move properly, and range of motion. We often discover that the little guy can only turn his head one direction or has bands of tight muscles on one side of the spine. Dr. Goodsell is an expert that you can trust adjusting your baby's spine.


Why do toddlers need to be adjusted? They are just learning to stand up and walk and they fall more than anyone. How do you know if your toddler needs to be adjusted? Do he get frequent ear infections? Has she had a sudden unexplained mood or sleep change? Is he suddenly clingy and looking for extra comfort? Has he or she become constipated?


Many parents bring their school aged children to see us after their child reports headaches or tummy troubles. The nerve system is the master controller of all of our bodies and it is protected by the spine. All those individual bones need to move in coordination with each other. The unexpected bumps, falls and accidents that come along with being a kid put your child at risk for poor posture development and future spinal pain.


As an office primarily focused on sports, we see many kids who are very active in various club and school sports. If you are concerned about your teenagers attempts at becoming the future of the NFL or NHL or worry that gymnastic injuries are starting to take their toll, let us examine their spine to ensure a healthy start and minimize future problems.

Family Care

In our office, we have many families that bring everyone in for chiropractic care and have for many years. We offer family discounts for those that choose to go the long term route. Please let us know if you would like an estimate that includes regular chiropractic adjustments for your entire family for either a six or twelve month period.